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Take the Northern Territory Road ? Seeking the Heroes of the Grassland
Release Date:2021-09-16 Views:218
On September 8, LTMG Group organized the employees of the overseas business department to travel to the beautiful Inner Mongolia, starting an annual employee trip. Since 2021, the company has overcome the soaring ocean freight caused by the epidemic and the integration of upstream and downstream supply chains. In the face of fierce market competition, LTMG employees worked together to quickly reverse the passive situation, and many employees exceeded the predetermined goals. Create excellent results in a difficult environment. The purpose of this trip is to reward the outstanding performance of the overseas business department in the first half of the year, encourage employees to continue their efforts, relax, and sprint the annual mission goals with a better mental state.
The beautiful Xilamuren prairie is picturesque, and it is like a middle-reaching painting. Along the way, I tasted local specialties. Accompanied by a professional horseman, I stepped on a horse to gallop on the vast grassland and experienced the thrill of a galloping horse. As night fell, everyone gathered in front of the yurt to experience the unique local bonfire activities with the herdsmen, and felt the simplicity and sturdiness of the Mongolian dwellings.
There is not only an endless desert, but also a series of amusement projects that relieve stress, listen to the elegance of camel bells, and experience the leisure and joy of nomads.
The splendid temple building makes LTMG people indulge in the precious accumulation and awe of Mongolian history and Buddhist culture. Entering the museum, the mysterious and long history and culture of the grassland, a sense of awe spontaneously arises.
The endless grasslands and deserts, the unique ethnic customs and culture, and the vast and beautiful Inner Mongolia are unforgettable. This trip to Inner Mongolia narrowed the distance between team members and enhanced team cohesion. Recalling the long history of the past, the journey ahead is long. The past three quarters have been an extraordinary period. The repeated epidemics have brought various difficulties. It is commendable that LTMG has created outstanding performance in such a difficult environment. After returning from the journey, all employees of LTMG will work together to clarify their ideas, clarify their goals, and gather their enthusiasm to ensure the completion of the annual performance goals and resolutely win the end of the year.