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The 130th Canton Fair, Sharing New Opportunities For Foreign Trade
Release Date:2021-10-20 Views:343

From October 15th to October 19th, 2021, the five-day 130th Canton Fair is grandly opened.

  Since its establishment 65 years ago, the Canton Fair has made important contributions to serving international trade, promoting internal and external connections, and promoting economic development. The 130th Canton Fair is also a session of special significance in the history of the Canton Fair. It is a landmark international trade event. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Canton Fair was the only large-scale exhibition in China that did not resume offline exhibitions. The 130th Canton Fair was held online and offline, which marked the full resumption of work and production at all large-scale exhibitions in China, and also marked China's overall coordination of the epidemic New progress has been made in the strategic results achieved in prevention and control and economic and social development.

 In order to seize the new opportunities of foreign trade this year, our company also actively participates in this online exhibition. After receiving the task of participating in the exhibition, with the long-standing enthusiasm for reunion, the relevant departments and units of the LTMG group also actively made preparations for this exhibition. The team has held several special meetings for corresponding deployment. With the coordination and cooperation of various business departments, they have completed the mapping, sorting, and centralized shooting of the pictures of the exhibits as planned. The main products of our company (Wheel excavator, Crawler excavator, Electric excavator) , Attachments, forklifts, storage equipment, etc.) intensify publicity. Products are exhibited simultaneously offline and online scene-based display, realizing wonderful online and offline interactions, and presenting customers with a unique live broadcast feast. Among them, a large number of new products were unveiled and are ready to go.

  During the live broadcast of the exhibition, the number of viewers was as high as 120,000 under the professional explanations of many senior salesmen. Our company has also specially set up an online "meeting room" for this purpose, which is mainly used for live interaction with customers during the exhibition department, so as to respond to customer needs in the first time, provide design solutions, and push new products. In addition to the active orders placed by old customers, many new customers have also attracted transactions. The LTMG group traded enthusiastically at this Canton Fair, and many salesmen returned with large orders.
  With new stories about the old Canton Fair and sharing new opportunities in foreign trade, the 130th Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion. LTMG group adheres to the principle of customer first and quality first, and looks forward to renewing the "good relationship" with our customers at the 131st Canton Fair.