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Develop the LTMG new energy excavator market,contribute to global carbon neutralit
Release Date:2022-03-30 Views:170

In recent years, electric excavators have become more and more favored by users due to their low-carbon environmental protection, low noise, energy saving and high efficiency, and have become the main force in the sales growth of the excavator market. According to data from the World Industrial Vehicle Statistical Union, in 2021, the sales of electric excavators in the European excavator market will account for as high as 74%, the sales of electric excavators in the US market will account for 52%, and the global average will account for more than 58%.

Under the background of the all-electric era of green environmental protection and intelligent manufacturing, on March 15, LTMG Machinery Group signed a contract with a British customer to export 30 electric excavators.  Both parties agreed to complete the delivery in batches before April 31. Since January 2022, LTMG has cooperated with 13 countries and has successively exported more than 60 electric excavators. The addition of 30 large orders this time has fully expanded the company's leading edge, and also opened a new chapter in the application of domestic environmentally friendly battery excavators.


New energy electric excavators have become the first choice. Although the diesel engine of the internal combustion excavator is more reliable and has sufficient power, the cost of diesel is high, and the exhaust emissions are easy to pollute the environment. In contrast, the power consumption cost of electric excavators is much lower than the consumption cost of other fuels, and there is no exhaust gas and low noise, which is more in line with the global environmental protection concept. At the same time, the operation control of the electric excavator is simpler and more flexible. Compared with the internal combustion excavator, the electric excavator is small in size and much lighter in operation. Its electric steering system, acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and braking system are all controlled by electrical signals, which greatly improves work efficiency. It also reduces the labor intensity of operators.

The wide application of electric excavators in the market shows that the environmental protection awareness of people in various countries is constantly increasing. It can be said that electric excavators will occupy the machinery market in the future. As the application scenarios of electric excavators are gradually opened, LTMG Group will focus on the new energy development strategy in the future, join hands with upstream and downstream partners, deeply cultivate core technologies and key components, and jointly create an industry-leading new energy application ecosystem. The ecological construction goals of green mountains, green water, clear water and blue sky help.