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How should electric excavators be maintained?
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1. Battery charging:

(1) When the battery power (SOC) is lower than 30% during vehicle operation, it is recommended to charge it in time.

(2) It is recommended to charge the vehicle in time after the day's work is over. At this time, the battery temperature is high, which can reduce the charging time.

(3) It is recommended to fully charge the vehicle every three days, and use a single gun to fully charge at night once a week.

(4) For the remote preheating function, please contact the regional service engineer or agent.

2. Vehicle braking:

(1) It is recommended to regularly check the braking performance of the vehicle, and drain the air storage tank through the bottom water release valve. And replace the genuine dryer for vehicles that have been used for more than 6 months or have run more than 10,000 kilometers.

(2) In case of rain and snow, please install anti-skid chains on the tires if necessary.

3. Oil replacement:

(1) The corresponding low-temperature oil auxiliary materials need to be replaced in time. For example: transmission oil, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, axle oil, etc.

(2) It is recommended to add low-temperature glass water in time.

4. Daily storage:

(1) It is recommended to close the doors and windows in time after the work of the day to prevent rain and snow from damaging the equipment in the cab.

(2) If conditions permit, park the vehicle in the warm storage after work at night to maintain the battery temperature.

5. Long-term storage (more than 30 days):

(1) It is recommended to fully charge the battery and discharge it to SOC: 50% to 80%, and then store it in a ventilated, dry environment away from heat sources. Charge and discharge every 3 months.

(2) The vehicle is put into operation after a long period of time: In order to avoid inconvenience to your use, it is recommended to check the battery before using the vehicle.


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