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Installation steps of excavator breaker and precautions for use
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How to install the excavator breaker?

1. First, remove the pin sleeve on the bucket and put it aside for later use.
2. Use a grease gun to pour butter into the drill rod hole sleeve of the hydraulic breaker, install the drill rod, and nail the bolt.
3. Put the front sleeve of the forearm of the excavator between the ear plates of the hydraulic breaker shell, install the pin and pin sleeve, manipulate the forearm of the excavator, lift the breaker, put down the "bovine bone" of the forearm, and install the other part of the Pin shaft pin sleeve.
4. Connect the hydraulic tubing on the forearm with the middle cylinder of the hydraulic breaker with two high-pressure hoses, tighten the bolts, and open the valve on the hydraulic tubing for the forearm to complete the installation and proceed with the test.
5. Since most excavators have reserved oil port joints with accessories when they leave the factory, when installing the breaker, you only need to connect the pipes, joints and the breaker together according to the requirements of the manual. .
What are the precautions for the operation of the excavator breaker?

1. Every time it is used, first check whether the high-pressure or low-pressure tubing of the breaker is loose. At the same time, for the sake of caution, check other places for oil leakage at any time, so as to prevent the oil pipe from falling off due to vibration, which may cause malfunction.
2. During the operation of the breaker, the drill rod should always be kept perpendicular to the surface of the object to be broken. And make the drill rod tightly press the broken object, and stop the work of the breaker immediately after breaking to prevent runaway. Continuous aimless impact will cause damage to the precursor of the breaker and loosening of the main body bolts, which can damage the host itself in severe cases.
3. When performing crushing operations, do not use the drill rod by shaking, otherwise the main bolt and drill rod may be broken; do not drop the breaker quickly or hit hard stones, which will cause excessive impact. Damage to the breaker or host.
4. Do not carry out crushing operations in water or muddy ground. Except for drill rods, other parts of the breaker body should not be immersed in water or mud, otherwise the pistons and other parts with similar functions will be caused by accumulation of mud. Cause premature wear of the breaker.
5. When crushing a particularly hard object, start from the edge first, and don't continuously beat at the same point for more than 1 min to prevent the drill rod from burning or the hydraulic oil from overheating.
6. Do not use the guard plate of the breaker as a tool to push heavy objects. Since the backhoe loaders are mainly small machines, they are light in weight. If they are used to push heavy objects, they will damage the breaker, and if they are heavy, they will cause the main engine to hang. The arm broke, and even the main engine overturned.
Do not work when the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or fully retracted, otherwise the shock and vibration will be transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder and thus to the main engine.
7. Since the working conditions of the breaker are very harsh, correct maintenance can reduce machine failures and prolong the service life of the machine. In addition to timely maintenance of the host, the following points should also be paid attention to:
(1) Visual inspection
Check whether the relevant bolts are loose; whether each connecting pin is excessively worn; whether the gap between the drill rod and its bushing is normal, and whether there is oil seeping in between, it indicates that the low-pressure oil seal is damaged and should be replaced by a professional.
(2) Lubrication
The lubrication point of the working device should be lubricated before the operation and after each continuous operation for 2 to 3 hours.
(3) Replace hydraulic oil
The change of hydraulic oil quality varies with the working environment. The simple way to judge the quality of the oil is to observe the color of the oil quality. When the oil quality deteriorates extremely seriously, the oil should be drained and cleaned. Fill the oil tank and oil filter with new oil.
8. The main body of the breaker is a set of precision components including a hydraulic circulation system. Generally, factories without special equipment should not disassemble by themselves, and must be commissioned for maintenance.