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A batch of mni excavators delivery to Europe --LTMG
Release Date:2021-07-06 Views:459
Since the beginning of May, the prices of domestic steel and other raw materials have risen sharply, and the sharp rise in product costs has caused product prices to rise. Under this pressure, LTMG Machinery have to issued price increase notices and adjusted prices. However, under this circumstance, there are still a large number of customers placing orders to purchase LTMG Machinery High-quality products of machinery.
Recently, a number of small excavators produced by LTMG Machinery are ready to go. These excavators comply with Euro 5 emission standards, adopt advanced technology, are equipped with pilot for flexible control, and are equipped with comfortable seats as standard. LTMG Machinery provided customized service so multiple attachments such as auger, breaker, bucket quick change etc are optional, and also multiple configurations including cab, fan, air conditioner, and radio etc are optional.

(Picture 1: The excavator is ready to go)

(Picture 2: The excavator is ready to go)

挖机打木箱 2
(Picture 3: Transport packaging of excavator)

挖机打木箱 1
(Picture 4: Transport packaging of excavator)

挖机打木箱 3
(Picture 5: Transport packaging of excavator)
In the face of the influx of orders, LTMG Machinery, as always, arranges production properly, thanks to the complete factory equipment and high-efficiency work process. Adhering to the customer first service concept, LTMG Machinery is always with you!
May 27, 2021