LTMG Excavator

Story With Client
  •              "We need a medium excavator with strong digging performance and suitable for reclaiming wasteland." In January 2023, LTMG was approached by Alvin, a Romanian customer, who was in charge of a local project team in Romania and needed to work in the field all year round. After thorough commun...
  •              "I want to buy a miniexcavator to level my garden, can you help me?" LTMG received a request from James, which opened the story of LTMG helping James enrich his retirement life through a miniexcavator.James&LTE20James is a retired truck driver from Canada. After he re...
  •              Ramon is an excavator dealer from the Philippines, supplying many high-quality excavators to construction companies and contractors in the Philippines. As the demand for construction equipment increases, Ramon is also actively participating in various international exhibitions. In 2019, Ramon partic...
  •              Wanzhou Construction Company is an engineering contractor located in Qinghai Province, China. It happened that there was a real estate development project in Haidong City, Qinghai Province, which required two medium and large excavators. So Wanzhou Construction Company contacted LTMG and expressed t...