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Find a beautiful and natural place, enjoy the simple seaside style
Release Date:2022-06-17 Views:251

In order to invigorate the company's atmosphere, delight employees' mind and body, enrich employees' spare time life, and strengthen communication among employees,LTMG Machinery Group organized employees of overseas business department to go on a two-day trip to Pingtan Island in Fuzhou on June 15. Activity.


When we first arrived on Pingtan Island,we went to play along the beautiful scenery comparable to the Maldives - [the most beautiful road around the island]: the car drove all the way to the depths of the coastline along the coastline, and there was a viewing platform for each section. The melodious sound of the waves hitting the rocks, the layering of the terraced fields from top to bottom, and the endless sea, make people feel the majestic momentum of the sea level all the time.


Go to [Houyan Island], which is a small island across the sea from Taiwan, Taiwan. It is only 68 nautical miles away from Nanliao fishing port in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Pingtan Houyan Mountain has built a motherland with a height of 3 meters and a width of 5 meters. The stone tablet that marks the closest point between the mainland and Taiwan Island is written in vermilion characters "the closest distance between the mainland of the motherland and Taiwan island is 68 nautical miles, China · Pingtan", and the location map of both sides of the strait is engraved. There are also more Internet celebrity check-in photo spots 68 nautical miles stamp photo frame, concentric stone sculptures, watch stone formations, and 68 navigation towers. Behind the red and white navigation towers, there is an endless dark blue sea, and the scenery of the sea and the sky makes people relaxed and happy.


Go to [Beigang Village], find a beautiful and natural place, and enjoy the strong and simple seaside style. Beigang Village is a traditional small fishing village with more than 400 households, and every household is a stone house. Visit Beigang's characteristic homestays and appreciate the unique charm of Pingtan Stone House.

Go to the [Changjiangao Windmill Field], the white generators that stretch across the entire beach, slowly turning against the wind, are very interesting, and walking on the beach has a feeling of being in a foreign country, as if you are in the Netherlands.

This pleasant outing not only enriches everyone's amateur cultural life, but also enhances mutual communication and communication among employees. It also stimulates employees' enthusiasm for work, enhances everyone's team awareness, and effectively improves the overall collaboration ability of the company's team. , looking forward to theLTMG team to accumulate energy, work together, and continue to forge ahead for the company's annual performance goals and personal goals.