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LTMG Machinery Group Xiamen Brancht 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival Party
Release Date:2022-09-26 Views:318

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is the most poetic time of the year, eat a moon cake that symbolizes reunion, Hold a “Bobing” to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival.On September 17, 2022, all members of LTMG Machinery Group Xiamen Branch held a Mid-Autumn party at Huhaosheng Hotel to spend the festival together.


    Before the start of the dinner, all the staff of the Xiamen Branch carried out the traditional folk activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Xiamen - Bobing. Bo Bing has a total of 63 items, which are further divided into 1 "Zhuang Yuan", 2 "Dui Tang", 4 "San Hong", 8 "Si Jin", 16 "Er Ju", and 32 "Yi Xiu". During Bobing, place a porcelain bowl on the table, take 6 dice, and throw them in a large porcelain bowl for participants to play.Shouting and laughter during the game.As the dice were placed in the bowl, a total of 3 "Zhuang Yuan" received gifts, and others also received corresponding gifts, bringing the joy of the festival and the love of LTMG back to share with their families.



    During the dinner,Justin, director of the Xiamen Branch , affirmed the hard work of staff in the first half of the year, and wished the markets of LTMG logistics machinery and construction machinery industries to have a bright future as bright as the moon. All the staff shared delicious food and sent blessings to each other.


     It is another year of the Mid-Autumn Festival. This Mid-Autumn Festival party has ended perfectly. The party not only reflects and strengthens LTMG's care for staff, but also further enhances the cohesion and centripetal force of staff. We believe in the future, everyone can continue to work together to create a better future!

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