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Build a dream for the future——LTMG 2021 year-end management summary meeting
Release Date:2022-01-27 Views:239

On January 21, 2022, the 2021 annual work summary meeting of Lintuo Xiamen Sales Department was grandly held at the Renaissance Hotel. Excellent management and department heads from various departments of the company participated in the meeting.



The meeting first listened to the work reports of various departments of the company in 2021. General Manager Devin Guo made a summary of the company's annual work and made arrangements for the work in 2022. Devin pointed out that in 2022, LTMG Company will adhere to the principle of "mutual benefit, self-examination, altruism, and growth", on the basis of the work in 2021, unite and work hard, face the difficulties, and further raise the work standards and improve work efficiency. Clear development goals and adhere to development strategies. At the same time, it strictly requires the business department to take the lead, and strive to achieve the effect of doubling the sales performance in 2022. The rest of the department staff strictly abide by their duties, fulfill their duties, and strive to contribute more to the company and become a strong logistical support for the company's vigorous development.



LTMG adheres to the enterprise spirit of "exploiting the future, the road is long and long; the down-to-earth, the road will come", and strives to make every colleague have a strong heart, a happy family, and be rich in spirit and material. In this meeting, the employees who have achieved outstanding results in 2021 were specially commended and awarded. A year of hard work and hard work has finally achieved today, and they will definitely work harder in the future to help LTMG climb the peak.


Looking back on the past 2021, all employees of LTMG are conscientious and tireless to jointly contribute to the long-term development of the company. With the joint efforts of all employees of the company, the company's operating performance has maintained good, the industry status and social image have been gradually improved, and all work has maintained a good trend of stable development. Standing at the new starting point in 2022, we have reason and confidence to maintain a cautious and optimistic attitude, and move towards the established goal with a clearer mind, stronger fighting spirit, more vigorous attitude and more energy. Let the dream be fuller and the foundation more evergreen!