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To make the world cleaner, LTMG electric excavator innovation
Release Date:2021-12-24 Views:480
Since the National Two Sessions in 2021, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality have become key issues of concern to the whole society. In the context of a new round of industrial transformation and high-quality development, the energy-saving and emission-reduction situation of construction machinery products is particularly severe. It is a general trend to promote the electrification of construction machinery and accelerate the transformation of the construction machinery industry to new energy sources.
At present, domestic and foreign construction machinery manufacturers are planning to market new energy construction machinery products in the short-term internal combustion engine is still the main power source, long-term development of fuel cells, biofuels, liquefied natural gas, pure electric power to achieve full coverage of zero carbon emissions; In terms of technical application, it combines intelligent network connection, automatic driving and other technologies, equipped with renewable energy, to change the working mode of construction machinery.

When the wave of electric excavators swept across, Lintuo took advantage of the trend, stood up to the forefront, and became the most active waver among them. Launched a series of environmentally friendly electric products, such as the LTN10 mini electric crawler excavator:
1. The whole machine has compact structure and flexible operation. Optimized design of structural parts of the whole machine, stable and reliable.
2. Reliable battery, drive motor and electric accessory system, advanced AC controller, ensure the equipment durability and long battery life.
3. System maintenance items are simple and convenient, saving maintenance time and labor costs. The family can recharge by themselves, which is convenient and safe to use.
4. The operating device is designed with ergonomics, and the operation is comfortable and the driving is stable. The whole machine protection frame provides full safety protection for the driver.
5. The pure electric system has high efficiency, zero exhaust emissions, low noise, environmental protection and energy saving, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and lower cost of use.
6. A variety of attachments can be selected to meet the needs of various working conditions such as digging, crushing, loosening, grasping wood, cleaning, and grasping grass.

The era of new energy for construction machinery has come. Xiamen Lintuo will work with colleagues to follow the development trend of the times and closely follow the theme of green environmental protection to provide customers with more clean, intelligent and efficient pure electric engineering machinery products to create a good new energy. The ecological circle of construction machinery products contributes to the realization of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality" in the industry!
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