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Participate in the Canton Fair and share new opportunities for foreign trade
Release Date:2022-04-25 Views:310

10 days and nights of hard work, 10 days of splendid events, the 131st Canton Fair came to a successful conclusion on April 24. Let’s take a closer look with LTMG on this journey that spans time and space, review the significance of the Canton Fair online, and feel what the Canton Fair online will bring to you.

In order to actively respond to the impact of the epidemic and stabilize the global industrial chain and supply chain, the Canton Fair follows the trend of digital economy development and innovates the exhibition mode. Breaking through the limitations of time and space, it has built a more convenient and efficient trade cooperation platform for exhibitors and merchants.

In this Canton Fair, LTMG Group was full of ambition and uploaded a total of 103 advantageous exhibits such as forklifts, excavators, and loaders on the cloud. At the same time, in order to actively respond to the major strategic decision of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", our company has launched 17 new electric energy products. Green and low-carbon products appeared in a concentrated manner, creating a strong green whirlwind. This fully demonstrates the strength and level of LTMG. LTMG's excellent business team and buyers from 228 countries and regions around the world meet in the "cloud", and through online display, supply and procurement docking, and online negotiation, they can "buy the world and sell the world" without leaving home.

This is the sixth year that LTMG has participated in the Canton Fair. Although it was held online, our company still received surprises from thousands of miles away. At present, we have received more than 20 countries and regions from Africa, Europe, South America, South Asia, etc. customer consultation. In just a few days of communication, many customers expressed satisfaction with our machinery, and the conversation was harmonious. At present, they have entered the process of payment and negotiated delivery. The number of customer inquiries and purchase intentions are far higher than the previous Canton Fairs.

Under the circumstance that the global epidemic situation is still severe and repeated, whether it is the persistence and efforts of LTMG, or the affirmation and expectation of global customers, we are full of confidence and motivation for the future. Thank you for your concern and support to LTMG, we will meet again at the 132nd Canton Fair!