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LTMG Business Department Yacht Party: Gathering Strength And Sailing Together
Release Date:2022-11-09 Views:284

Time flies and autumn arrives. It is a season of harvest, which makes people feel romantic and pleasant.The autumn breeze is laced with the fragrance of fallen leaves mixed with earth. In order to enhance the cohesion of the team and enrich the cultural life of the staff, LTMG business department held a surprising activity on November 6. The purpose of this activity is to enable everyone to feel the beauty of life, release the stress and integrate into the company as a big family after a busy working day.


Delightful Yachting Activity

At 09:30 am, All staff gathered at the designated occasion to wait for the sailing.This time, the company specially prepared three yachts for everyone to spend a happy yacht party time at sea. The yachts had plenty of delicious snacks, fruits and drinks for everyone to enjoy. Everyone can chat, play cards and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea on the yachts.And also prepared a surprise fishing activity for everyone, so that they could feel the sense of achievement as well as the pleasure of hooking the fish.Being in the sea, the endless blue space in front of us, the romantic and pleasant atmosphere is filled with. At this moment, everyone seems to feel the freedom and recklessness like a sea bird. The boundless sea is close at hand, watching the waves bloom at the bottom of the yacht, feeling the visual feast.


Concentrate And Cooperate

 A group of people gathered together and felt the warmth of the company as a family.The best way to live is to grow up on the same road with a group of like-minded people. And on this road there are memories we share, and this memory has the power to unite us even more.The sea group building activity let everyone relax in the busy work, close to nature and enjoy the infinite fun of life. After seeing the scenery in the city, come to the coast to feel the nebula in the sky.The pressure is far away with the sea breeze, and the collective strength is quietly gathered in the laughter. Everyone rekindled their fighting spirit and "set sail" again in the work.


Activities Successfully Concluded

 The activity was successfully concluded in a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.This activity not only promoted the corporate culture of the company, but also enhanced the communication and exchange between all staff.We hope that this activity will enable everyone to integrate into the family faster and better and to feel the happy working atmosphere. And struggle together with full of spirit to meet the new challenges. Keep up the good work together for the rest of the year! In the next time, ride the wind and waves and move on!