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LTMG is looking for agents around the world
Release Date:2023-01-04 Views:877

LTMG is an enterprise focusing on the R&D, production and sales of logistics handling equipment and construction machinery, and more than 20 years of experience in this industry. LTMG has an advanced production base of 120,000 square meters. Its products cover forklifts, storage equipment, excavators, loaders, port and airport equipment, etc., and have passed a number of international quality system certifications and product patents. It is committed to providing high-quality products for global users. Reliable products and services.

In order to better serve global customers and expand sales channels, LTMG is now looking for agents around the world. The relevant matters are as follows:


Agent advantage


1. Agents can enjoy the market influence brought by LTMG's brand value and develop better channels for customer acquisition.

2. LTMG products are sold well all over the world, and the agent has the exclusive right to operate in the region.

3. Obtain the support of LTMG's sales team in the region and existing customer resources.

4. LTMG can provide spare parts service, team operation training service, etc.


Agency requirements


1. Agree with LTMG's business philosophy in terms of products, sales and services.

2. Have business experience in the machinery industry, and a relatively complete sales and after-sales system team.

3. Have a good reputation.

4. Pass the certification of strength by LTMG.

5. The number of products ordered each year reaches a certain standard. Different countries and regions have different standards for different products. For details, please contact us.



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